Carrie (2000’s)


First Published: 1974

Edition Published: Late 2000’s

Cover Illustration: Getty Images

Publisher: Hodder

Notes: I never understood why Hodder didn’t publish all King’s books in this format instead of limiting it to a handful. I absolutely love the design on all of them, they have everything – a nice, standard title and author treatment, a neat colour scheme for each book, and an image which strongly relates to the story without being tied down to it in the same way as, for example, the image of Carrie dripping in pig’s blood. Fire and a cheerleader – the cover for Carrie perfectly illustrates two of the largest elements which really stay with you after putting it down. Of course, the looming shadow of Margaret is missing, but to me, Carrie’s powerful rage which spirals so rapidly out of control and consumes the town in flames really begins, and ends, with Chris Hargensen. This is a design which balances style with emotion and makes it one of my all time favourites.


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