Since (finally) upgrading my PS4 subscription I also got myself into Destiny, a game I was hugely unsure about when playing the initial Beta, and was very skeptical about after my love of the original Halo trilogy, but have actually since grown to love. Bungie do such a great job of creating exciting, edge-of-your-seat and enjoyable action sequences that I’ve got quite swept away in it all and while playing it I felt my mind wander to Iain M Banks’ Culture series.

There’s nothing specific to link the two – the characters are vastly different and while the technology and portrayal of society occasionally brush shoulders they are not particularly close, yet there is something which makes me connect the two.

It might be The Traveller. At this point (I’m very early in the game) it seems such a strange, abstract idea that it could almost sit alongside some of the Culture’s own technology and history but I think ultimately it’s the sense of scale, a sense of something truly epic which resonates with my memory of Consider Phlebas and which pushes me on to reading deeper into the Culture.


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