The Dark Tower Volume 1: The Gunslinger (1988)


First Published: 1982 (in parts – 1978, 1980, 1981)

Edition Published: 1988

Cover Illustration: Michael Whelan

Illustrations: Michael Whelan 

Publisher: Sphere

Notes: A copy which seems to have travelled as long and hard as the gunslinger, himself. Inlaid with the full set of illustrations by Michael Whelan, none of which I’ve seen before (my original copy did not include them). Really pleased to find my old friend Roland on the first successful day of Collecting King.

I love the composition of Roland on his haunches, staring out across the water (although the ocean doesn’t really make an appearance until The Drawing of the Three, but let’s not niggle too much) and the hazy appearance of the Dark Tower itself. Is it a hallucination? Quite possibly. A dream, or maybe a nightmare. The point is, he’s alone and focused on his quest.

I actually really like the layout of the author and title which sets itself up to be maintained throughout the series, it’s just a shame it never got used beyond book 3.


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