A couple of years ago I started a little project called “Collecting King”. It was basically an excuse for me to indulge in my love of Stephen King by going out and hunting down second-hand copies of his books in all their different versions across Ebay, charity shops and hand-me-downs because I’m basically a massive book geek.

This is me picking up the mantle and taking it in a new direction because my enjoyment at collecting Stephen King books didn’t stop there and I began picking up other authors, too. As you will see (as of July 2016) I also have Neil Gaiman, James Ellroy and Agatha Christie in my collection, and that’s only really scratching the surface, so I decided to adjust things slightly and create this – Buried Beneath Books – a title I chose because if I die suddenly, this seems the most likely way I’ll go since there are so many stacks in my bedroom that it’s probably a hazard.

From here on I will post updates on the books I buy, as well as previous books bought, as I find them; I will offer my proverbial tuppence on specific cover designs; I will review what I’ve read; I will dig out old books I’ve owned for many years and I will post snapshots of books which fit a theme I want to explore, or has been on my mind.

It won’t just be limited to books – there will be a bit of random other stuff as well, but all of it will be related to what makes my little geek glands overflow with joy.


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